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'Big Change' in Elections Smokescreen to Pacify consumer http://www.dinam.us/nike-basketball-shoes.html Foreign Retro and national policy. This should be the headline in the new york times but though often the vatican has a firm noose around the neck of the times corporate owners, making them also complicit in treason against the people of america.Office friday demonstrates how tough questions, tough question never asked by the traitors in media never will be answered by slimy politicians until vatican puppets like pelosi, as well as entire senate and most all members of the house are removed by"The crook on the neck"And charged with treason with their media buddies. Prior to to the"Tough concerns, drew from pelosi's buenos aires office provided several politically correct answers for the dinam shoes easier, usual questions. "Congresswoman pelosi adjusted on the record, say mr.Gates is well qualified for the positioning, but the senate will want to look at him very closely before he is sworn in, And hopefully pelosi and others will contact patricia johnson holm of seattle who claims gates through his hitting the ground with the preston, gates and ellis seattle law firm was interested in a sex slavery ring on the west coast, a kidnapping her son, donald l.Manley, affiliated with jack abramoff, associated with george h.Bush in the 80's if and the moment illegally wire tapped johnson holm, needed for illegal gun running in iraq and iran through the connections of the kenn borek airline co.And his input with the ft.Steilacom property complex and illegal drug running. In reply to pelosi's statement, manley holm said: "These relationships should open up a can of worms.But if you say america is in for a difference, then i hope the senate uses its subpoena power to get to the foot of mr.Gates relationships to all of my above allegations, With the easy questions into position, here are a little of the tough ones never asked Air Jordan 23 For Sale by the media and never answered by the politicians.Let's see if pelosi has the courage to answer listed here in a forthright manner without sidestepping the issues or claiming ignorance.Although the foregoing five questions are of a very general nature, they should open up lots of others.Really should, the various readers, have any specific issues and answers for pelosi, forward them to the arctic beacon as we will be contacting her office quite frequently.



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